happy halloween from prague

This weekend, my friend Caroline and I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to visit our friends that are studying abroad there for the semester. The trip was somewhat last minute, so we had an eight hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany on the way there. But, thankfully, it was worth it. 

Prague is an unbelievably beautiful city, and a city that I didn’t really know much about. One thing I knew, though, was that Prague was home to the John Lennon Wall. This is a wall that is constantly changing–what makes it so interesting. People spray paint graffiti all over it, making beautiful designs and lots of Beatles quotes. This was our first stop!



My friend Kathleen took me to her favorite bakery, called “Bakeshop.” This little cafe was filled with the most amazing pastries, brownies, muffins, and cookies I had ever seen! They even had homemade quiche. We ate most breakfasts here during my visit, as well as some lunches. A lot of the treats were spooky themed because it was Halloween weekend.



I’m so happy that I took this last minute trip to Prague. I was on the fence about it for a while, for expense purposes–but it was worth it. Prague is an amazing city, and I was so happy to visit Kathleen. I got to have amazing food, spend time with friends, and marvel and the beauty of the city. I even saw the oldest working astronomical clock!



This weekend, my class is going to Ravenna to see three operas. We’re coming back Tuesday, so it’s a long trip but we’re all excited for it!


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