The first time I went to Paris, I was twelve years old and really had no idea what kind of city I was in. I was on a school trip and our days were full of walking, museums, and group dinners. I never explored the city on my own. Well, that changed this weekend. On Thursday, my roommates and I flew to Paris, France and stayed in a great hotel near Montparnasse. Our flight was at 6:30am so our first course of action upon arriving was a long nap!


Paris is one of the most beautiful cities. We got lost a lot, but we didn’t care. We enjoyed our time strolling down the streets, stopping at little bakeries to try a pastry, and marveling at the Eiffel Tower that somehow could always be seen from where we were standing. On Friday, we met two of our friends who were also visiting at the Louvre. I couldn’t believe how small the Mona Lisa was!!

On Saturday, we all went to Laduree, which is a bakery in Paris that is famous for their macaroons. And now I know why!! I got a delicious dessert with raspberries and creme. My first (and hopefully not last) Laduree experience was a success!


I couldn’t believe it but five days was definitely not enough time in this amazing city!! When Monday came, we didn’t want to leave. We spent our last day at Versailles, exploring the beautiful gardens. Until next time, Paris…



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