verona getaway

This past weekend, my roommate Kilby and I did something spontaneous, something that I wish I did more of. We took a train to Verona, located near Venice in Northern Italy. We stayed a night in a bed a breakfast, and spent two days exploring this beautiful city. We arrived on Friday morning, and our first stop was Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House). 



Kilby and I were in awe at how many letters were stuck to the wall, and even folded into the cracks of the bricks. We knew we had to write one. Above the wall, was Juliet’s famous balcony, and there was also a bronze statue of her, as well. We spent a long time, reading the love notes of people from all over the world. So many were in different languages, and it was beautiful reading what people had to say about their loved ones, wished for love, and advice from Juliet. 

One of the best parts about the trip, was that we found Mexican food! While the two of us absolutely love Italian food, we had been craving this. We entered a little restaurant, where they handed us Italian menus. However, the walls were decorated in Mexican designs, so we asked our waitress if they had a Mexican menu; she smiled and brought over one. Yes! We ordered our favorites: tacos and burritos and we were two very happy girls.



Overall, this was an amazing weekend, and makes me want to do more spontaneous trips! Verona was very easy to get to, and we loved our little bed and breakfast. This weekend, my class is doing a hiking trip in Pienza. Hoping for another great weekend! Talk to you on Monday!


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