the land of beer & pretzels

Guten Tag readers! Wow. What a weekend! On Thursday night, my roommates and I packed our bags and set off on a twelve-hour bus ride to Munich, Germany from the Termini Station in Rome (through Bus2Alps!) It was an overnight bus ride, filled with college students like ourselves, anxiously waiting to reach Germany, and to stretch out their legs. A twelve-hour bus ride is rough, just as rough as it sounds, but the excitement leading up to Oktoberfest somewhat lessened the blow. 

We arrived at Jaeger’s Hostel in Munich at 8am, and soon met up with our friends from HWS. There were nineteen of us total! It was an amazing get-together and we were all able to see our friends that are studying abroad in other cities in Europe, such as Prague, Copenhagen, and Budapest! Saturday was the first day of Oktoberfest, so it was the most exciting! All of us were at the grounds by 7:30am, 4.5 hours before they even start serving beer, but it’s necessary in order to get a table! 

Oktoberfest consists of fourteen tents, as well as food stands, and carnival rides. Our group chose the Lowenbrau tent, one of the larger tents that’s filled with mostly Europeans, especially Germans! The tent was decorated in yellow and red, with chandeliers and a band in the center of the room on an elevated stage. 



Along with the mugs of beer, there were so many different kinds of pretzels! Salted soft, sugar, cinnamon, cheese, bacon & cheese: amazing. Our table ordered all different kinds, and filled up our stomachs for our long day ahead. 



At noon, the mayor of Munich tapped the giant keg, and the celebrations began! Everyone rushed to get a free mug of beer from the keg, as women servers carried eleven mugs of beer at once! We were in awe. As the day went on, the celebration got bigger. Every now and then, someone would get on top of their table, chug their mug of beer, and the crowd would go crazy. But, if you were unable to finish (which happened a few times), the crowd would boo until they sat down. 


By about 5:00, everyone was wiped. We had been up for twelve hours at that point! My roommates and I went back to our hostel, took a quick nap, and went downstairs where a bunch of other kids were still drinking and celebrating. I would definitely recommend a hostel to future students visiting Oktoberfest! It was a great way to meet other American kids studying abroad. 

This weekend was an unforgettable weekend; Saturday was one of my favorite days abroad. Celebrating with friends that we haven’t seen in months at one of the biggest celebrations in the world! Cheers to an amazing time at Oktoberfest, talk to you all on Monday!


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